We currently supply cutting formes for die cutting to print finishers, greeting card manufacturers, gasket makers, packaging companies and vac formers.
Small home businesses to large national companies!
We can help get your project moving no matter what size – From small one-off designs up to large format Dies for cylinder, flatbed autos and platen machines.
We also provide CAD and sampling services.

Have a look around our website, and if you’re still not sure then give us a call to discuss your needs.


Our CAD department running the latest software which enables us to work from a variety of formats.

If you don’t have a file, don’t worry. We can also work from a printed sheet, rough sketch, an existing sample of even just the dimensions.

Our sample tables also mean that we can offer a “short run” facility with a maximum sheet size of 2 Metres x 1.2 Metres.

Sometimes, the design is the hardest part of a project. You know what you want, and you have an idea of how it should work, but you’re not sure of the details and the technicalities of doing it.
This is where our CAD staff can help. They have experience of producing working samples for twist and lock, kiss cut stickers, dispensers, DVD & CD slip cases, POS displays, cartons, boxes, pillow packs,
floor vinyls, swing tickets, hangers, envelopes, folders, wallets, brochures, greetings cards, gaskets, photo frames, mobiles, templates……the list goes on.

Samples can be made in any of the following materials;

Foam board / Foamex / Correx / Display board / PvC / O-Flute / E-FLute / B-Flute / C-Flute / EB-Flute / BC-Flute / and many more substrates.


Our tools of the trade;

– CAD department running the latest version of Impact and Artios, provides a complete serice from standard cartons to complex shapes.

– Our new Lasercomb UMS1612 milling machine for producing Pertinax Counters which do away with the need for Matrix and drastically speed up make ready times.

See our articles in Print Week and Friedheim, please click the links below;

Printweek – Die-Set Formes eyes growth following Lasercomb install

Die-Set Formes unlocks opportunities with Lasercomb (friedheim.co.uk)

– Kasemake DYSS X5, Kongsberg Premium Line and Zund sample making tables with Laser sighting eye for precision cut samples or printed sheets.
Cuts and Creases most substrates, enabling production of a high quality professional sample to show clients. Maximum working size 1245mm x 2075mm.

– Rofin Sinar 2kw DC020 Laser with Mechtronic motion system. Maximum cut size 3000mm x 1500mm

– 2x Serviform ELS Rule Processors and 3x ELB 916 semi-automatic rule benders for accurate production of all 2 and 3 point rules.

– 2x Serviform ECO PLUS and 1x Serviform ECO GIANT automatic rule benders for irregular shape rule bending and various blade heights.

– Precision Notching and CAD Rubber Cutting using the latest ZUND cutting tables to help minimise pre-press and make ready times.

– Large Jigsaw for alterations and manufacture of oversize and budget cutting formes.

– Large shop floor with a wide range of conventional bench tools for productions of the full spectrum of cutting formes, from heavy duty to intricate shapes.

– Full range of Speed Stripping ancillaries in stock to cover all your needs.


Contact us now for all your enquiries on:

Tel:  0113 2449004

E-mail: [email protected]

We have a number of options to get your completed forme to you;

– Our Vans deliver in the Yorkshire area on a daily basis.

– We can send your item overnight – we currently use DPD carrier.

– Or we can call you when its ready and you can collect from our workshop.


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